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PEEK Terminal Blocks

Peek terminal Blocks are ideal for UHV environments with a current rating of 10 A per pole. Constructed with a 1, 2, or 4 pole design, these unique blocks can be mounted side by side, or stacked to create an unlimited combination of connector terminals. The body is made with PEEK (polyetheretherketone) and the internal connectors are Gold plated Beryllium-Copper with Stainless Steel set screws. Each block has two through holes for secure mounting and stacking.


- Vacuum range: 1.10-10 mbar 

- Operating temperature: 250°C

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Ceramic Beads

Ceramic Beads are for use in insulating bare wires in air or vacuum systems. The beads are bakeable to 450°C and manufactured using high purity L3 Steatite. The convex and concave ends stack easily on the wire and interlock to provide a flexible and continuous insulation along the entire length of wire.


- Vacuum range: 1.10-10 mbar

- Operating temperature: 450°C

- Packaging: per 300 linear mm

Approximate nb of beads Length (mm) O.D. and I.D. (mm) Accepts Wire Ø (mm) Quantité
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PEEK Cable/Equipment Ties and Shrink tubing

PEEK Cable / Equipment Ties and Shrink tubes are ideal for ultra-high vacuum, high temperature, and harsh chemical environments. The uses for these PEEK cable ties are vitually unlimited. PEEK Shrink Tubing is consi­dered the highest performing thermoplastic material due to its ability to withstand extreme temperatures to 250°C, high pressure, and chemical fluids. PEEK shrink tubing provides a “shrink to fit” layer of protection for critical components and wiring used in UHV applications.


- Vacuum range: 1.10-10 mbar

- Operating temperature: 250°C (cable ties), 340°C to 385°C (heat shrink tubing)

* Polyetheretherkertone. 

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